Dear Customers,

with the end of the calendar year approaching, we would like to inform you in advance about the operation of GLS Slovakia during the Christmas holidays and the end of 2023.

The transported quantities in the last week before Christmas are enormously exceeding the standard volume of transported parcels and therefore during this period there are operational and systemic interventions in the delivery so that all Christmas packages will be delivered no later than 22 December 2023.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit all your domestic parcels for transportation by 19 December 2023, as this date is also the last date for submission of parcels, when we guarantee delivery of the parcels until 24 December 2023.

In the case of export parcels, this date is delayed by the standard transit times between countries.


– parcels collected on 22 December 2023 will be delivered within Slovakia on 27 December 2023 and in other countries within standard delivery times.

– in the period from 25 December – 26 December 2023 all GLS Slovakia depots will be closed and no parcel pick-up/delivery will be carried out.

– In the period from 27 December – 29 December, parcel delivery and pick-up will be carried out in the standard mode.

– Parcels collected on 29 December 2023 will be delivered within Slovakia on 2 January 2024 and in other countries within standard delivery times.

Christmas full of miracles and gifts will be delivered by GLS Slovakia couriers again this year.

We wish you a pleasant sending of Christmas gifts with GLS Slovakia.

GLS Slovakia team.

We are here for you


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