Parcel Tracking

Track & Trace

Track your parcels journey. Verify its track online anytime:


  • to the Parcel Locker
  • to the Parcel Shop
  • to the different delivery date
  • to the different delivery address

If the sender of your parcel allows you to do so, you can redirect your parcel by yourself.

Everything is carried out via FlexDelivery Service.

Delivery process

The entire delivery process is carried out in following steps.

Sender registers the parcel to the GLS system. You place an order at sender, the sender will prepare and pack the parcel for you. Sender registers the parcel via the GLS system and seals it with a shipping label. The parcel is ready to be picked up by GLS driver and you will receive information by means of SMS or E-mail, if the consignor has activated it.

Driver picks up the parcel – all parcels from the sender are usually picked up by the driver on the same day – depending on the agreed loading time.

Transport of the parcel to the nearest depot – parcels picked up by the driver are transported to the nearest depot, where they are loaded on the main line, which transports them to the sorting center in Budča. Export parcels are transported to the central hub in Budapest, from where they will be delivered to the destination of your choice. Export parcels to the Czech Republic are sorted by the hub in Budča.

Sorting of parcels at the central hub – at night, the parcels are sorted in Zvolen and each main line transports the parcels to be delivered the next day in the region of the delivery depot.

Parcel delivery to the delivery depot – arrival of parcels to the delivery depot and their sorting according to the drivers routes.

Transport by the driver to the recipient – on the day of parcel delivery, you can verify the details of delivery at the GLS Customer Service. You always identify yourself by your parcel number.

Parcel delivery – the driver will deliver the parcel to you after your signature. In the case of cash on delivery, you will pay for the parcel in cash or via a payment terminal * (* you can only pay via a payment terminal if the parcel consignor allows it. ATTENTION: it is important to check the parcel visually for signs of a damage. If the parcel is damaged, it is necessary to write down this fact together with the driver in the damage report.

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