Shipping Tips
Useful tips for parcel
packaging and shipping

GLS Slovakia, together with the entire GLS Group, follows the prescribed rules, which ensure reliability and high quality of services, just like any other serious company.

Find out how to properly pack the parcel. What cannot be shipped and what risks the shipment faces. This will prevent possible complications.

Parcels non-conveyable for transport

  • parcels not packed or packed improperly
  • oversized parcels and parcels exceeding the permitted weight
  • tied and glued parcels, parcels in any wooden package
  • perishable goods, infectious goods and repugnant goods
  • human or animal remains
  • live animals and plants
  • goods in bag sacks and bulk goods
  • goods with special increased value, such as money, precious metals, documents representing money, securities, drawn lotteries, real pearls, precious stones and jewelry
  • art works, antiques
  • goods which need to be protected by any thermal means
  • weapons, ammunition, explosives, etc.
  • parcels addressed to the mail box
  • in the case of export parcels, excise goods, alcohol, tobacco products, and parcels sent to private individuals
  • goods in ADR mode (dangerous goods), carbaterries
  • cigarettes, narcotics
  • shipping of goods that are prohibited by any legislation
  • in the case of parcels sent abroad, any personal movables, excise goods (alcohol, tobacco products…) and goods subject to ATA Carnet are excluded from transport
  • goods with a value over € 5,000 send abroad

Maximum parcel parameters

In order for the parcel to pass reliably through the sorting center, it must not exceed defined parameters as follows:

Parcel weight

Weight must not exceed 40 kg

Parcel perimeter

Perimeter must not exceed 3 m
(2x height + 2x width + 1x length)

Parcel length

Parcel length cannot exceed 200 cm

BusinessSmallParcel max. weight is 2 kg a max. width is 40 cm.

Handling impacts

The load that the parcel must bear during transport:


Impact equal to free fall from   100 cm


Pressure proportional to 5 times its own weight


Vibrations due to movement on roller conveyors


Tips to pay attention during packaging, wrapping and preparing a parcel for shipment:

  • Select the appropriate box thickness with regard to the nature and weight of the goods
  • If the cardboard box is used, make sure that it is not damaged and that it will last for further transport
  • Separate the individual pieces of goods with a suitable padding (e.g. bubble wrap, polystyrene, air cushions, foam pieces, etc.)
  • Choose a suitable filling material and fill the free space in the box with it (the goods must not adhere directly to the outer packing)
  • Carefully seal the parcel with tape in H-shape
  • Use company or security adhesive tape to increase the security of the parcel against third party intrusion
  • Strengthen the deformation zones of the parcel (corners and edges)
  • For small packages, use good quality safe envelopes
  • Remove old labels and tags from the packaging
  • Always apply the parcel label to the largest side of the parcel

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