Becoming GLS Customer

Customer service with an individual approach to the requirements and a permanent contact person for partners

  1. Background of a strong and stable international company with business network in all European countries
  2. Wide range of services constantly expanding with something new as a response to market environment changes
  3. Individual approach to small, medium and large sized business partners through a long-term stable business team
  4. Parcel delivery in the Slovak Republic and Hungary within 24 hours
  5. ContactService with an individual approach to customer requirements including dedicated business partner for customers

General characteristics of parcels delivered
by GLS General Logistic Systems Slovakia

  • BusinessParcel (0-40 kg) Fast and efficient door-to-door parcel delivery. Within Slovakia we will deliver parcels to all towns and villages on the second day after drop-off, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.. The second delivery attempt is free of charge.
  • BusinessSmallParcel (0-2 kg) Special handling of small fragile parcels. Separate sorting, transport in special GLS bags, easy identification of a small parcel using a GLS template.
  • Door-to-door delivery to any address
  • Parcel delivery the day after its drop-off within the territory of the Slovak Republic
  • In case of unsuccessful delivery, the parcel is returned to the sender at no extra charge
  • GLS automatically provides an insurance of each parcel up to the amount of 331,94 €
  • Track & Trace® technology – parcel route online tracking, you can download the parcel delivery receipt online
  • Automatic daily reports on your parcels transport shipment
  • Customer software (GLS Connect, GLS Online) as administrative support

Value added services

Guaranteed 24 Service
When ordering the service, we guarantee parcel delivery next day after pick-up with a money return guarantee! If GLS fails to meet this guarantee, you will receive a refund of the shipping cost from the company plus the double service charge.

FlexDelivery Service
3 attempts for parcel delivery! The first parcel delivery within the cities where GLS has its depots is from 5 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. upon request. When submitting the parcel via e-mail, we inform the recipient that the next working day after the pick-up, the parcel will be delivered. The e-mail contains the parcel number and, in the case of cash on delivery, also the amount. On the morning of delivery, the recipient will receive a notice containing the driver’s and customer service’s telephone number, and a 3-hour estimated delivery time. In case of unsuccessful delivery, an e-mail notification is sent to the recipient about failed delivery. Through the link in this e-mail, the recipient can enter an alternative delivery – delivery at a different date, to a different address, direct pick-up of the parcel at GLS depot or rejection of the parcel. The service can be specified for all parcels or individually for each parcel separately. In addition to e-mail notification, it is also possible to send an SMS notification about the parcel track. It has the same options as email notification. The service can be specified for all parcels or individually for each parcel separately.

Cash Service
Cash settlement and cash on delivery transfer will take place automatically every day. The domestic costs of bank fees are borne by GLS. The service fee is charged even if the parcel is not delivered.

BankCard Service
The service can be ordered together with the Cash Service. By means of this service, GLS offers recipient option to pay via a portable POS Terminal carried by each driver in order to print you a proof of payment. We accept these types of payment cards MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, American Express. Payment will be enabled to the recipient upon a written agreement. In the event that the recipient pays the COD cashless by the payment card via portable payment terminals. GLS will invoice the transaction fee to the sender once a month for the previous month.

ShopDelivery Service
GLS Slovakia will deliver the parcel directly to the nearest GLS Parcel Locker and Parcel Shop. The parcel recipient is informed by SMS message about the parcel pick-up place. It applies throughout Slovakia and delivery is within 24 hours. A discount will be deducted from the shipping price.

Pick&Return Service
GLS, on behalf of the contractual partner, picks-up the parcel at the designated place and delivers it back to the partner within Slovakia.

Pick&Ship Service
GLS, on behalf of the contractual partner, picks-up the parcel at the designated place and deliver it to the specified address within Slovakia.

DeliveryAtWork Service
Service designed specifically for B2B clients. GLS will deliver the parcel with this additional service not only to the designated address of the recipient, but even directly to the specific workplace of the selected recipient (specific department, office, warehouse, operation, etc.)

Saturday Service
GLS will deliver parcels to selected locations in Slovakia also on Saturdays (these are mostly locations of cities where GLS has a depot – contact the GLS sales department for more information).

AddOnInsurance Service
If the value of the goods is over € 331.94, they can be insured separately. You will find the service fee and the amount of liability for damage in the “General Insurance Conditions”.

Exchange Service
In exchange for the delivered parcel, GLS picks-up (in Slovakia and Hungary) and delivers another parcel from the recipient to the sender.

LateColletion Service
With this service, GLS provides regular pick-up of parcels outside working hours, while the service is tied to the shipment of a predetermined number of parcels.

DocumentReturn Service
Solution in cases where it is necessary to confirm the document accompanying the parcel to the recipient and deliver it back to the sender.

Standby Service
The recipient can take over the parcel at the depot by prior agreement. Contacts for depots are on our website or you can contact our CustomerService department.

DayDefinite Service
When ordering the service, the sender can choose in advance the day when GLS will deliver the parcel to the addressee within 5 working days after its sending.

ScheduledDelivery Service
When ordering this service, the sender can request (only in cities with GLS depots) to deliver the parcel at a predetermined two-hour interval from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

AddresseeOnly Service
When ordering this service, the sender can specify the person who will take over the parcel.

ExpressParcel Service
Guaranteed delivery by 12 p.m. (only at certain locations).

What others said about us

We have been cooperating with GLS for several years, we have been convinced by the quality of delivery in every period, even in the period before Christmas, when courier companies have the biggest rush of shipments. The wide range of services also helps us to deal with collections from customers and offer us flexibility in delivering and collecting parcels in Slovakia and abroad.

Mgr. Ľuboš Baran,

Thanks to GLS Slovakia, we have increased positive awareness among our customers. I am happy for the communication and always promptly solved questions. I definitely recommend GLS as a partner to all e-shops in the field of logistics. If you want to prosper, GLS is the right choice.

Kabelky Vypredaj

GLS is a professional company that has many benefits for its clients. The same IT integration in all countries enable easy development in many markets. The quality is definitively ensured. Communication is prompt and transparent. Our clients are happy that we work with GLS.

Michal Prochownik

We are grateful for our cooperation with GLS, they always reliably deliver the package to the customer. At the same time, we are pleased with the low number of complaints.

ORIN Slovakia

When starting an online business, such as an e-shop, first of all you search for business partners with tradition in order to provide safe and complete parcel delivery.
GLS is a company with solid background and offers top services reaching beyond European borders which is extremely important for our expanding company.

Boris Gogola, CEO

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